Subeih Art Stone Company is Specialized in the Jordanian and Palestinian Stones And Decoration works

Subeih Art Stone Company is Specialized in the Jordanian and Palestinian Stones And Decoration works

Mohammad Mustafa Subeih & Sons Company was established in 1975 in Nablus, Palestine. The company started in the construction sector by providing the Palestinian and Jordanian markets elite varieties of building stones that are compatible with international specifications.

Subeih Art Stone has completed numerous construction projects in different regional cities such as: Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and other Arab countries. Also, international projects were completed in the USA, France and Hong Kong.

The company utilizes different types of natural stone from quarries in Palestine and Jordan such as Jama’een, Qapatya, Hebron and Jerusalem (Palestine); Ma’an, Ajloun, Sahrawy, Mafraq ,Bazelt, Travartin, Halabat and Madaba (Jordan), with finishes varying from Polished, Honed, Brushed ,Bush Hammered, Sandblast, Flamed, Tumbling, Antique, Like Chiseled  to Mufajjar, Musamsam ,Topzeh and split face , modern Finishes by CNC machine.

The company works closely with consultants, interior designers and architects to achieve perfection to design sculptures, flooring, exterior and interior wall cladding, landscaping, garden and natural stone decorative items. Subeih Art Stone prides itself with its ability to implement any design required by customers efficiently and in accordance with international standards.

In addition, the company uses modern and up-to-date machinery such as CNC 5 axis, production line and other modern machinery to ensure accurate and excellent results.

The company’s commitment to achieve progress and development is led by the general managers of Fahmi Subeih and Bader Subeih, in Amman and Nablus, respectively. Both who have long and rich experience in the field of stones and its art.

We proudly can say that “Subeih Art Stone”, is becoming with such level of capability, one of the leading companies in Jordan and regionally.


Process & Step by Step:

Subeih Art Stone industrial unit and ancillary workshops are fully equipped with modern machinery and a highly qualified team of architects and engineers that facilitates an artistic outcome of our products and aid in compliance with international standards.
The process requires thorough professionalism, achieved only through knowledge of the best techniques. No project is too difficult, neither simple finish, nor big sculptures. Every detail is given the necessary care.

Our team’s responsibility is not confined to designs, processing and finishing, but also includes the assembly at the customer’s site for the most complex executions.

The process line (for calibrating, polishing, treating, cutting, and leveling) is up to the highest standards.

5 Axes CNC (Computer Numerical Control) with laser 3D scanner, for fabricating vanity tops, solid sinks, sculptured items, columns, cornices using CAD/ CAM software.

Packing of finished products is done with great deal of attention to details, to ensure safe delivery to destination.

Products Range

Exterior work

According to the requirements of classical and modern architecture was the implementation of some buildings, where pictures show some of them, to meet the requirements of architects and designers accurately.

Implementation of the buildings include circular and square columns, chapiters, cornices, arches and umbrellas in a way that shows the beauty of the design, which worked out by the designer in collaboration with the owner.

Design schemes have been implemented meticulously which showed stone engraving and precise measurements, using modern machinery and traditional tools in a way commensurate with the public tastes.

Interior work

Using stone in interior wall cladding gives a contemporary look to a new building and special aesthetic value.  An internal wall cladding gives an eye-catching feature to a room.  We supply many different types of natural stone for internal cladding.  All of our stones types are suitable for use as external or internal stone.

Modern architecture influenced by ancient architecture that’s what we show in interior wall cladding. It is executed with extreme precision using the latest CNC three-dimensional machines and skilled manpower.

The quality and beauty of our work are evident in our elegant buildings.

land flooring

We are specialized in producing various types of interior and exterior land-flooring. Our task does not consist only the production and executing stages but also in providing unique designs inspired from old and modern heritage by our architects and technical staff.

In exterior land flooring we use high-tech processes to execute swimming pools, stairways and outdoor floors. We make the outer texture harmonious with external nature.

Pictures show geometric figures and random shapes executed in high technology.

Land Landscapes





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Subeih Art Stone Company is Specialized in the Jordanian and Palestinian Stones And Decoration works , please see the Links below :

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